Do Plumbers Make Good Money? (6 Facts To Know)


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do plumbers make good money
do plumbers make good money

Plumbing workers are knowledgeable experts who construct and repair plumbing systems in homes and other buildings. They are incredibly important to our society.

If you’re considering plumbing as a career, and wanted to know, do plumbers make good money? This blog will give you the information regarding how to maximize your plumbing income, covering education, specialties, client satisfaction, starting a business, and the influence of location. 

So, examine the blog to obtain a complete overview of the industry and to discover how plumbing is rewarding.

Do Plumbers make Good money?

A plumber’s income can vary depending on factors such as their experience, education, certifications, and location. Experienced plumbers with numerous certifications often earn more than those with less experience and fewer credentials. Additionally, plumbers in high-cost-of-living areas typically enjoy higher incomes than those in regions with lower living costs. So, yes, plumbing can be a well-paying job.

Here are some ways to make more money as a plumber:

1. Obtaining expertise to become a Plumber

do plumbers make good money

Plumbing education options include  internships, two- years associate’s degrees, and licensure  situations. Internships offer hands- on training over four years while earning a good pay.  An associate’s degree provides comprehensive plumbing knowledge. A plumber license is  demanded for utmost plumbing work,  taking a test on codes and regulations. To run a plumbing business, a master plumber license is essential,  taking experience and an advanced plumbing  test. These educational paths prepare  individualities for  satisfying plumbing careers.

2. Choose a Plumbing Specialty

Specializing in a specific area of plumbing can potentially enhance your earnings. Here are some specialized fields to consider:

Commercial Plumbing

Specializing in commercial plumbing, where you work on plumbing systems in places like offices and hospitals, can lead to higher earnings due to the complexity and specific requirements of these environments.

Industrial Plumbing

Getting into industrial plumbing, which involves handling plumbing systems in factories and power plants, has the potential to offer the highest income opportunities. Industrial settings often require specialized knowledge and skills.

Medical Gas Plumbing

Specializing in medical gas plumbing, where you work with medical gases in hospitals, can be financially satisfying. This field often offers higher pay compared to other types of plumbing due to its critical importance in healthcare facilities.

By focusing on these specialized areas, you can not only increase your income but also build expertise that may be in high demand within specific industries.

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3. Earnings of A Plumbing Worker

do plumbers make good money

Plumbers in the United States earn a median yearly wage of around $60,090, meaning half earn more, and half earn less. The state you work in matters, with places like California paying plumbers the most, while Mississippi pays the least.

Experience matters, too. New plumbers might make about $36,000 yearly, but experienced ones can earn over $97,000.

The location where you are working also plays an important role. Those working in commercial plumbing or government jobs usually make more than residential plumbers.

Compared with other trades, plumbers earn similarly to electricians and carpenters, but more than HVAC technicians and painters.

4. Start Your Own Plumbing Business

Starting your own plumbing business is achievable with careful planning. Research your local market to identify the demand for plumbing services, which will inform your business plan.

Make sure you have the required licenses and permits for legal operation. Develop a business plan outlining your goals and strategies, which will help you secure funding and track progress. 

Invest in necessary equipment and consider liability insurance. Begin marketing your business through local networking, advertisements, and an online presence. This concise plan will set you on the path to a successful plumbing business.

If you have the skills and dedication, you can start your own plumbing business. This way, you can earn more and be your own boss. It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding. You’ll need a solid plan and good marketing. The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers help for small businesses.

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5. Influence of Customer Satisfaction on Plumber Income

Customer satisfaction greatly impacts a plumber’s earnings in several ways. When customers are happy, they return for future work and refer the plumber to others, resulting in more jobs and higher income.

Satisfied customers often leave positive online reviews, attracting new clients and improving the plumber’s local reputation.

Plumbers known for excellent service can charge more for their work because customers are willing to pay extra for quality.

Keeping customers satisfied is essential for a plumber’s income and business success.

6. The Plumber’s Migration

Plumbers in major cities usually make more because the cost of living is higher. Big cities like 

  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Chicago 

pay plumbers better. Remember, there’s no quick way to get rich as a plumber. But by working hard & learning, you can earn a good living.


The most thoughtful question, do Plumbers make Good money? has been answered positively.

Plumbers can earn a good living. You can start your own company or collaborate with a local contractor to boost their business profits. Ultimately, the potential of this career reaches beyond financial benefits.

The desire to assist others in times of need, combined with a genuine interest in the plumbing industry, often leads individuals down this professional path.


Are plumbers in demand in the USA?

The United States has a high demand for plumbers.

Are plumbers skilled workers?

Yes, plumbers are skilled workers.

Does plumbing have a long life expectancy?

In general, plumbing has a 15-25 year life expectancy, depending on the type and how well it is maintained.